A story of boy meets girl — of the universe coming together and magic unfolding.

There is nothing more vulnerable than to allow oneself to love another. For me, as a teen and young adult, I lived by those words although I will admit to knowing nothing about vulnerability at that time. I loved freely and often. However, most of my love pursuits would often…

A look back at the teachings of 2020 and the path it illuminates for the future of mankind

For most of us, 2020 has thrown our world upside down. Gone have been most of our usual escapades — from the ease of meeting a friend for coffee to dating to simply enjoying any time out. This has created for most, a newfound outlook on what truly matters. Indeed…

An unexpected dream of courage

Artwork representing a giant’s eye staring through a window

I woke up today from a terrifying dream — I was back in my childhood home when suddenly giants appeared. They were checking on homes and ‘emptying’ them of any occupants. I remember trying to hide and not make any sounds while their giant eyes would peek through windows. …

Kushal Geesawor

Techie. Data Explorer. I write about the spectrum of thoughts, emotions and experiences that have defined my life, relationships and career.

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